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Upload audio files or notes from your device to our secure server in seconds, knowing your work is always completely secure and confidential. Your files will be encrypted for additional security.

Our team transcribes your files within 24-36 hours to AAMT Book of Style, including review. Accents and English as a second language our speciality. High accuracy, 100% guaranteed.

Returned in a format to suit you – print & post, or upload to your secure system. We offer a review, a light edit or verbatim option. Total audio time of up to 30 mins can be delivered within 24 hours.

Doctors, Practice Managers and administration staff need increasingly rapid access to information to provide the best possible patient care.

We are an integral part of the process, by supporting you with fast, accurate and reliable access to your notes and transcripts. My Typing Service has trained specialist transcriptionists who can turn your spoken word into a professional document. Our team, headed by founder and manager Annaliese Arndt, has over 30 years of experience providing the medical industry with quality medical transcriptions.


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You can expect five-star service when you work with us. We may be high tech but we still like old-fashioned personal service. You can call and ask anything, and feedback is always welcome!

Accuracy and efficiency are our speciality. 99% is pretty accurate, especially when you consider some of our doctors have been known to dictate on the run.  Or while driving down a highway in a downpour!

Our turnaround is the best around. Send us your audio file, and you will have it back within 24-36 hours, and that includes a review or light edit of your document. Perfect for emergency jobs.

We specialise in quality assurance of all our documents, and offer a review of your documents as standard. All our work is done to the AAMT Book Of Style, and our speciality areas are extensive. See our Services page.

Your files can be uploaded to our secure server easily, where they are then encrypted for additional security. We understand the need for complete confidentiality and security of your information, so our system is designed to be secure and easy to use.

What Our Clients Say

My Typing Service has been providing medical transcription for my practice for the past two years.  Their work is fast and accurate, requiring virtually no editing.  Annaliese is a pleasure to work with and any issues are addressed efficiently and effectively.
Dr Marek Garbowski, Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon - Perth Vascular Clinic
The work from the My Typing service team is always accurate, their attention to detail is excellent and their efficiency is brilliant. They are meticulous in providing feedback or asking the doctors to confirm any anomalies in their dictation. Read more
Danae Watkins, CIS Administration & Marketing Manager - Clinical Integrated Services
It’s incredibly easy to transfer files, we know it’s secure and everything has always arrived and been returned safely with patients’ privacy protected. It’s a straight forward process and the team at My Typing Service always delivers professional results in a timely manner.  We would be lost without them.
- Cardiac Health Institute

Expert medical transcription

My Typing Service has specialist transcriptionists who can turn your spoken word into a professional document. Our typists are all local and handpicked, creating more work opportunities for the Perth community.

Why Us?

High accuracy reduces your review time, and we include a review of all our documents for quality control.

How Fast?

Our document turnaround is 24-36 hours, including review. We reference the AAMT Book of Style, but can also work to your custom style and presentation requirements. English as a Second Language and accents are our speciality.

Your Choice

Print and post, or secure upload direct to your system, with a range of formatting options.

Confidential & Secure

We offer a completely confidential service, and all our clients have individual log in access to upload to our secure server.

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Enquire about an appointment, where Annaliese can come to visit you and your practice manager to discuss your needs, and how we can support you best. Contact Annaliese on 0407 237 103 or email us







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"attention to detail is excellent and their efficiency is brilliant.",
CIS Group

"incredibly easy to transfer files, we know it’s secure."
Cardiac Health Institute

"fast and accurate, requiring virtually no editing."
Perth Vascular Clinic .

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