My Typing Service was established by Annaliese, to meet the needs of doctors and practice managers in the rapidly growing Perth community.


Annaliese’s introduction to the multifaceted world of medical administration started in the darkroom of a radiological practice (yes, that long ago!).  In the following 30 years she has worked as a receptionist, typist, secretary and practice manager across various specialities and practices, including work as a “temp” before starting as an independent contractor 15 years ago.

My Typing Service provides busy doctors and practice managers with a personal service, and the timely and accurate administrative support they need.

A specialist transcription service can save you both time and money.  With high accuracy, extensive knowledge of medical terminology and review for quality assurance as standard, you will spend less time generating, reviewing and amending original correspondence and reports.  Small enough to care, we can customise your documents and workflow to meet your specific practice’s needs.

A service like My Typing Service also frees up your staff to focus on what they do best:  Looking after your patients.

With our simple and secure upload system, you can be sure that your files are safe and completely confidential.

Want to learn more?  Annaliese can meet you on site to discuss your needs and how we can support you best.

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We’re a transcription company – so why do we have a dragonfly as our logo?

Well, dragonflies are amazing creatures who have been around for 300 million years.  In almost all cultures, the dragonfly symbolises transformation, change and adaptability. They’re iridescent, can see almost 360° and in They’re fast (some can fly up to 60 km/h), and can fly move in multiple directions (forward, backward, sideways, up, down and hover).  And they do all this with very little effort as they flap their wings only 30 times per second – a bee has to work 10 times as hard.

Which is all pretty much what we do at My Typing Service – we transform talk into type, create beautiful documents and with very little effort required on the part of our clients.

Typing and transcription services perth

Annaliese Arndt, Founder and Manager

My Typing Service has over 30 years of medical administration experience.

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Annaliese Arndt
Phone 0407 237 103

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"attention to detail is excellent and their efficiency is brilliant.",
CIS Group

"incredibly easy to transfer files, we know it’s secure."
Cardiac Health Institute

"fast and accurate, requiring virtually no editing."
Perth Vascular Clinic .

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