Transcriptionists – many and varied skills
  While I’ve been working as a medical transcriptionist/secretary for longer than I sometimes care to remember, sometimes it still amazes me the depth and breadth of knowledge that an MT is expected to have.   We are more than just typists. When it comes down to it, a medical report or correspondence dictated by the
More Than A Typist
Simply because someone has an amazing typing speed of over 100 words per minute does not necessarily mean they will be a good transcriptionist. Certainly speed helps, especially in a busy work environment, but other factors come into play as well. A good transcriptionist can turn an average or good document into an excellent one

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Origin of Standard Page sizes
Ever wondered why sometimes your printed documents look unbalanced on the page—only to find the printer settings on your software defaults to Letter?  Well, that’s probably because your software was designed in, and primarily for, the American market.  However, in Australia—and almost every other country outside the Americas—the standard page size is A4. But why
Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms – Revealing the True Meaning
Shortened forms of words and phrases abound in our language: contractions, abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms. When the abridged form is spoken, most people understand what is meant, so much so that many acronyms have become recognised words in their own right (eg, Qantas, laser, scuba, to identify just a few). However, when it comes to

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